Following on from the latest Government announcement (10th May 2020), we are pleased to announce that White & Sons Ltd have returned to business whilst following the guidelines and ensuring that the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the general public is our priority.

 To ensure that we are being as responsible as we possibly can, under the current circumstances, we have taken the precaution to keep physical contact to an absolute minimum. With this in mind we are encouraging communication between us both either from a safe distance or via telephone/email.

 All our teams will remain unchanged and contact between the teams has been kept to an absolute minimum. All teams have been issued with hand sanitiser and wipes and will wear gloves for the duration of the work.

Meetings and training have been temporarily suspended.

 All office-based employees have the ability to work remotely and calls can be diverted if need be, so even if guidelines require lockdown, the office will still be operational as normal. We will make you aware of any impact in our supply chain that may have an effect on the lead time of current or future orders. 

 We hope to continue serving you as long as we can and if you need to inform us of any change at your end, please do so at your earliest convenience.

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